Obstetrics Department

Iasis Hospital offers Obstetric, Gynaecological, Surgical, Diagnostic and Treatment Services of the highest quality, so that the modern woman has at her disposal a complete range of services for the prevention and treatment of any health problem in adolescence, the reproductive and mature age. The scientific team of the Obstetrics Department at Iasis is responsible for monitoring pregnancy from the first days of pregnancy until the day of delivery. 

High sense of responsibility

The clinical experience, professionalism and high sense of responsibility of the Scientific Board at Iasis has led to the establishment of measures to ensure the best possible outcome of medical procedures.

Iasis has developed medical protocols pertaining to the preoperative control of the expectant mother and the screening of newborns, while it also has a multidisciplinary Intensive Care Unit to deal with "high-risk" cases.

The diagnostic and imaging laboratories at Iasis offer a wide range of tests and operate around the clock, meeting the needs of both inpatients and outpatients. The Hospital offers sophisticated diagnostic instruments that minimise the examination time so that physicians are able to immediately treat scheduled and emergency cases.

Finally, the Patient Transfer Unit plays an important role in dealing with emergencies. The Unit comprises 4 ambulances, two of which are equipped with mobile equipment, and staffed by experienced paramedics.

Birth Registration

You can learn everything about Birth Registration in the following link

Parturient Preoperative Screening

The scientific team at Iasis emphasises on preoperative evaluation and preparation of the patient in order to ensure the best possible outcome of surgery and reduce the likelihood of complications in high-risk patients.

Preoperative screening is carried out in the laboratories of the Hospital and includes:

  • A number of specialised blood tests
  • Monitoring of coagulopathy and haemostasis specialising in the control of thrombophilia
  • Vascular-vein triplex (if necessary)
  • Full cardiac evaluation
  • Anaesthesia assessment
  • Confirmation of blood type

Delivery Rooms/ Operating Rooms

Labour and Delivery Rooms are the heart of the Obstetrics department; they are staffed by experienced and qualified staff and have modern medical and technological equipment that enables the staff to address any situation.

For the purposes of obstetric, gynaecological and laparoscopic operations, Iasis Hospital has 4 operating rooms with state-of-the-art medical equipment, where scheduled and emergency obstetric and gynaecological operations are performed.

Neonatal Ward

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The ward is equipped with sophisticated machines required under international standards for the stay of newborns in the ward and to address any problems.

During their stay in the ward, newborns are under the constant care of skilled nursing staff around the clock, while the area is supervised by modern safety equipment.

Newborn Screening

Newborn Screening is a set of tests performed on all newborns to prevent diseases which, even if a child shows no symptoms during the first days of life, can have serious consequences in later life if they remain undiagnosed. These diseases are treated in most cases with early diagnosis.

Newborn screening includes:

  • Pediatric-surgical examination
  • Neurosurgical examination
  • Check for phenylketonuria
  • Check for congenital hypothyroidism
  • Check for absence of the G-6-PD enzyme

Moreover, during their stay in the ward, newborns are checked for blood group and type.


Hosting Services

The hospital wards meet the strictest quality standards and are equipped to offer every possible comfort in a warm and friendly environment. An expectant mother may choose a two-bedded room, a single room or a suite.

The diet is formulated by a nutrition expert who coordinates meals for inpatients to fully meet their nutritional needs.

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