Cardiology Laboratory

Heart rate & Arterial Pressure Holter

With special small-sized devices (as big as a small walkman) and by use of electrodes (Heart rate Holter) or a cuff (Pressure Holter) the cardiogram and pressure, respectively, are monitored and recorded for a period of 24 hours. This information is useful to check arrhythmias and monitor the result of the drug treatment that has been suggested for arrhythmias or arterial hypertension.

Stress Test

Stress Test

Cardiac Triplex

This test is based on a device that is capable of emitting ultrasounds that reflect on the heart tissues (at different degrees) and are then collected by the same device, thus providing information on the structure of the heart. The test is painless, harmless (does not use harmful radiation) and lasts 20-25 minutes.

It is the test of choice for checking heart wheezes that are oftentimes considered to be a "heart condition" on their own account, but are simply a finding in the course of the auscultation of the heart and frequently are not related to heart disease but increased blood flow.

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