IASIS - General Clinic Gavrilakis S.A., with a view to the provision of high-level healthcare services, offers the possibility of diagnostic testing for SARS-COV2 with a coronavirus detection test (molecular and antigen tests) in dedicated areas by specialized medical and nursing staff.



  • Molecular (PCR) Test: € 60
  • Antigen Test (Rapid): €10



The molecular test (PCR) SARS-CoV2 and the antigen test (Rapid Test) are carried out daily without an appointment during the following times:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 08.00 - 12.00 & 13.00 - 17.00
  • Thursday & Friday: 08.00 - 12.00 & 13.00 - 21.00
  • Saturday & Sunday: 09.00-12.00 & 13.00 - 17.00
  • Holidays: 09.00-12.00 & 13.00 - 17.00

In case you wish to use your test results for travel, we suggest that you visit us one day prior to your departure.



  • Molecular/ PCR TEST: results for molecular (PCR) tests are delivered within 10-12 hours following specimen collection.
  • Antigen / Rapid Test: the results of antigen tests (Rapid) are delivered within 2-3 hours following specimen collection.

The result is sent electronically to the email address you have indicated on the pre-registration form in Greek. If you wish to receive your results in English, please inform the Secretariat upon your arrival at the Clinic.



Α) Interested parties can pre-register online and fill in the required information on the PRE-REGISTER FORM HERE.

Online pre-registration for covid testing significantly reduces the wait time and ensures that your data appear correctly on the result of the test.

If you are planning the take the test to travel, we suggest you come to the Clinic the day before your departure.

Β) On the day of your test, when you arrive at the Clinic, inform the staff of the Secretariat of your pre-registration. After identifying your details and paying for the test, you will proceed to the area dedicated for testing.

If you have not pre-registered online, you must submit your personal details (ID/Passport Number, Social Security Number (AMKA), address, phone number, email address) and this information will be authenticated by presenting your identity card or passport.

If you wish your results to be sent to you in English, please inform the Secretariat.

C) Your test results will be sent electronically to the email address you indicated on the pre-registration form or on arrival.



How is the specimen collected?

Specimen is collected from the nasal cavity. However, if you prefer an oropharyngeal swab, please inform the staff member that will collect your specimen. Specimen type appears on your results.

Do the Rapid Test of the Clinic meet the specifications of the World Health Organization?

Yes, they are approved by the World Health Organization and they meet the high sensitivity and specificity specifications. Compared to PCR, the sensitivity of the rapid SARS-COV2 antigen detection test is ≥ 80% and the specificity is ≥ 97%.

How can you pay for the test?

Payment can be in cash or with contactless debit or credit card.

What is the Clinic's address?

Our address is 76-78, Markou Botsari, Chania 73136.

How can we contact the Clinic?

For results, any questions etc. please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. & This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or 28210-70800.




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Quick Contact

M.Mpotsari 76-78
73136, Chania
tel: +30 28210 70800,
fax: +30 28210 91140
email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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